….because life´s just too short not to!


We are embarking on a three month trip commencing on Thursday 3rd December 2009, first flying back to the UK for a few days before heading off in a westerly direction and not arriving back home until we have literally flown right around the world!!

We will be taking in the delights of New York, and briefly touching down in Los Angeles before flying on to New Zealand where we will be staying for a month.  In early January 2010 we fly to Australia where we will be based until the last week of February when we will travel to Hong Kong for a few days, before returning to the UK.  We are due to return home to Spain on 3rd March 2010.  

In order to help to fund such a mammoth trip, we will be undertaking two house-sitting opportunities….one in New Zealand for two weeks, the other in Australia for almost four weeks.  House-sitting is typically free accommodation (and often use of a car) in return for duties performed….usually looking after pets whilst their owners are away from home.    Of course we will also be taking the opportunity to explore these beautiful countries whilst we are there, and that is what this blog is all about…sharing our experiences.