Today’s journey took us on a (two hour delayed) 30 minute shuttle flight from Manchester to London to connect with our onward flight to New York. Of course, this meant quite a bit of waiting around airports, but at least we had the added pleasure of going through airport security twice! What a performance, especially when an officer wanted to search my bags at Manchester and because I said that I thought some of our possessions might be missing, (which they weren’t, but in the confusion of taking off coats, shoes, watches, belts, necklaces, hairclips etc it was easy to think so), he accused me of being uncooperative! HA…if he thought THAT was being difficult he should see me when I’m REALLY uncooperative, shouldn’t he Michael? LOL…anyway, I digress. We wandered around the great shops at Heathrow airport such as Harrods and Kurt Geiger, though decided not to try out Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Plane Food’ restaurant….mmm whoever thought of THAT very original name?

Eventually it was time to board our British Airways flight to New York, which was surprisingly full considering one had departed only three hours previously. As we boarded we were tantalising led through the first class and business cabins, so we could see how the other half lives. We settled into our cattle class seats and about 15 minutes before we were due to take off, I discovered that my seatbelt wouldn’t lock in position. Well, I obviously couldn’t sit there any longer….so would they find us two spare seats in one of those temptingly fabulous cabins nearer the front of the plane? HA…absolutely not….I had to leave my seat and sit in a crew seat just for take off and landing….Good old British Airways!! LOL

Anyway, we landed in New York on time and soon cleared the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and it was time to step outside into the cold night air and pouring rain to find a yellow cab to take us to our hotel. There was little else to do except go straight to bed once we had arrived as it was already well past our bedtime (English time), despite it only being 10pm here. Of course, jet lag being what it is, I am writing this at 4.30am because I am wide awake in The City That Never Sleeps though Michael is still giving it the old Zzzzzzs. The weather forecast indicates fine sunny weather today so, Big Apple…here we come!