We started the day with a stroll through Central Park, which really is remarkably peaceful despite being in the midst of all the horn-honking yellow cab drivers around here. It was delightful to see a friendly grey squirrel foraging around in the autumn leaves below the trees trying to find an acorn for his breakfast. We soon came across yet another outdoor ice-skating rink where people were enjoying the cold but dry weather. The setting really was quite spectactular with the beautiful trees framed by the huge skyscrapers surrounding it.

We were then only a hop, skip and jump from the world-famous Bloomingdale’s store…well, how could I resist? First of all, we looked at the amazing animated Christmas window displays, one of which invites you to stand on a certain point on the pavement outside the window and your image is transmitted onto a TV screen within the store, so you can see yourself in the window display! We then entered the store with the intention of leaving with the coveted ‘Little Brown Bag’, but as luck would have it (well, for me anyway) we left with a ‘Medium Brown Bag’ containing an absolutely gorgeous Steiff Teddy Bear.

It was then time to head downtown towards the United Nations Headquarters for a special lunch in the Delegates’ Dining Room. This really was quite a treat. The standard of the food preparation was excellent, with a wide choice of menu and, of course, a privileged location too.