On our final day in NYC (8th December) we took the subway train downtown to Brooklyn and then walked back into Manhatten over the Brooklyn Bridge. Once again we had beautiful weather which made things very easy for us. We still had time to revisit the Flatiron building in daylight this time, before enjoying a lovely lunch in a local deli. Yummy! It was soon time to make our way back to the hotel to collect our suitcases and take a taxi back to JFK airport. We have really enjoyed our visit to New York. It was certainly good to see so many places we have seen on TV and in the movies, but the reality is that we would not choose to live here…we enjoy our peace and quiet of the Spanish countryside too much.

The next leg of our journey was probably the most gruelling as we had first of all to take a 5½ hour flight from New York to Los Angeles, then a 1½ hour wait before the next flight from LAX to Auckland, New Zealand which took around 13 hours I think. It was difficult in many ways to keep track of time as our watches went back three hours between New York and LA, but once we had flown across the International Dateline in the Pacific Ocean…we then jumped ahead in time and effectively lost a whole day.