Monday 21st December ….we have really enjoyed our time here touring the North Island of New Zealand.  Sadly we haven’t had time to visit the South Island, so we will just have to come back again next year!  We best we could do were to spot some glimpses from the aircraft as we left Wellington aboard our Polynesian Blue flight back to Auckland, where Simone was waiting to collect us at the airport. 

In many ways it will be good to be in one place for the next couple of weeks as the most we have been staying anywhere recently is two nights.  We haven’t even had time to unpack our suitcases.

We soon got settled in, met Tyrone, and reacquainted ourselves with Daniel who is 13 months old and Max and Jessie, the dogs.  We were treated to a glass of red wine and a BBQ during the evening and then began the task of learning how everything works in the house!