Being from the northern hemisphere, it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate that even though summer is starting here in New Zealand, in only a few days it will be Christmas. During our travels whilst we have seen Christmas trees and decoration, there doesn’t seem as much evidence of Christmas as there is in the UK, New York or Spain for that matter.

The weather forecast for the next day in Wellington had been horrible, however once again we awoke to a beautifully sunny and warm, albeit breezy day. Wellington is a city that is easily accessible on foot, so we wandered down to the Cuba district of the city, centred around pedestrianized Cuba Street, passing a colourful water fountain splashing water over the children, much to their delight!   The streets were bustling with people Christmas shopping, as well as just relaxing in the sunshine enjoying their Sunday morning. There was even a guy playing the piano for the entertainment of passers-by!

We found a lovely old Irish pub and had a great Sunday roast lunch sitting outside in the sunshine.  Later, we made our way to the Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, down on the waterfront. Te Papa is a modern interactive museum which needed much more time than we had available, but well worth a visit. Another benefit was the free admission, much to Michael’s delight…not that I’m saying that he’s tight or anything! (NB Daniel and Paul) LOL

Then we had a walk along the water’s edge back to the hotel, watching rowing squads practicing their manoevres and before we knew it,  our day was coming to an end, so it was back to the hotel for a swim and to relax in the hot spa pool once again…..Aaahhhh, this is the life!

I’ve posted a photo of our hotel room at the Holiday Inn where we were staying…complete with opaque (allegedly) glass through to the en-suite bathroom.  We did  mention at reception, when we checked out, that this was our LEAST favourite feature of the hotel….and surprise, surprise…we weren’t the first to mention that!!

Tomorrow morning we are off to Wellington airport for the one hour flight back up to Auckland for the start of our housesit, looking after Simone and Tyrone’s two lovely dogs whilst they are in Sydney over Christmas and New Year.