We continue to enjoy our daily dog walking sessions with Max and Jessie, though on occasion it seems more like they are taking US for a walk!  There are some nice trees and shrubs in the gardens along the way, and I have included a couple amongst the photos attached to this post, as well as an image of the house were we are staying.

Once again we packed a picnic, searched the maps and set off towards Prince Edward park to explore.  Although the park is next to the water, the tide was out exposing the mud flats.  The area was smaller than we had imagined, so we once again searched the local map for somewhere else to visit.  We settled on the Wattle Downs area, about 8 kilometres west of where we are staying,  near to the Golf and Country club and parked the car on St Annes Crescent, reminding us of where we used to live in England.   Here there was a delightful walk around a headland overlooking Papakura Channel, one of the many sea inlets around the Auckland area.  We found a delightful secluded beach to watch the sea birds and the aeroplanes beginning their approach into Auckland International airport.  After our picnic and an hour or so relaxing and reading books, we made our way back home to get ready for our evening out.

We had been invited to a BBQ by Tyrone’s Mum and Dad, so we loaded their address into the GPS and set off towards Howick.  We were greeted at the door by Tony and Liz holding their little poodle, Lincoln who immediately took a liking to us, much his owners’ amazement as he is usually hesitant with strangers.  We enjoyed a very amicable evening, getting along with Liz and Tony like we had all know each other for years, ending the evening watching a DVD of Pink, live in concert in Sydney!!  We had a great time!