For the first three days after we arrived on Russell Island, Frances and Joe were still here to show us the routines for the various animals.  At first it all seemed a bit overwhelming, but now that we are on our own with them….the animals are actually quite good fun and each with their own distinct personality!!

There are three dogs…..two German Shepherds called Hotspur and Zaroff, and Kaisha who is  a Giant Alaskan Malamute weighing 92kgs…YES that’s right…92kgs!!  Oh boy is she a big girl.  Fortunately for us they are all friendly dogs.  Then there is Angus the rooster and his harem of 14 chickens who have names like Flora, Deirdre, Jura and Fiona who lay about 8 eggs a day between them.   We also have three peacock/peahen couples called Douglas and Morag, Fergus and Iona, and Callum and Mhari.  You might have noticed a bit of a theme going on here…..the couple that we are housesitting for are Scottish but have lived out in Australia for about 30 years.

We mustn’t forget to mention the two minature horses…..Angel, the brown Palamino as well as Beauty the black Appalosa.

Actually, we have quite a good routine going on here and have lots more free time than you might imagine now that we have turned into full-time farmers looking after livestock!!