My day normally begins around 5.15am when I am awakened by Angus the rooster crowing….followed by the screeching of (what seems like) hundreds of sulpher-crested parakeets.  Michael normally has a lie-in until around 6am….no rest for the wicked!

We are greeted when we get downstairs first by the dogs, who are keen to go outside, and then by the growing band of chickens around the patio doors waiting to be fed.  The main activity here is to dodge the wrath of the cockerel whilst trying to put their food and water down, which we have lovingly prepared the previous evening!!  LOL  After that it’s time to check on the three peacock sheds, each with a pair of peacocks inside.  Yesterday we found one of the peahens sitting on a nest of four eggs.  The chickens and peacocks are all fed on chopped up cabbage (or other green veg), bread and tomatoes as well as various corn and grains.  The minature horses are stomping and generally making the sort of noises that horses make, but they are soon satisfied with their buckets of feed. 

By 6.30am, Allen calls around and we take the dogs out for a long walk.  It’s actually a lovely time of day and I have captured some wonderful photographs during our early morning walks.  Allen normally comes in to have a coffee with us before he goes home for the day.

Finally we get chance to have our breakfast, and after we have cleared up the dishes, it’s time to vaccuum up the dog hairs!!  We then have the rest of the day to ourselves until it’s time to collect the hens eggs and their empty dishes, check on the broody chicken, and enjoy the delights of my favourite chicken who I have called Lillian (after my favourite aunt).  Lillian is an absolute little love and she follows me all around the garden hoping for a tasty treat.  She is SOOOO friendly!  During the day, if she jumps up onto the gate or the windowsill to look in,  I call out “Hello Lillian” which sets the Giant Malamute, Kaisha off howling!!   Kaisha also joins in howling when I put any CDs on and dance around the living room…hahahaha.

The pool cleaning is made easy as there is a “Barracuda” which automatically creeps around the bottom and sides of the pool cleaning as it goes along.

Then it’s time to get the food chopped up and prepared for tomorrow morning, feed the horses for a second time, feed the dogs and then we get time for a swim or a rub down in the massage chair!!

After dinner, we watch a bit of TV and fall exhausted into bed soon after 9pm!!