Today I had the opportunity to return to the Pottery Shed on nearby Macleay Island.  The bowl that I made last week had dried out nicely, so it was time to rub away the rough edges and put it into the kiln for firing.  Next week will be time to glaze it.  I have really enjoyed these classes…everyone has been so helpful and friendly.  I’m going to try to find a pottery class to join when I get home to Spain….I’m hooked!

There is a beautiful art gallery within the Arts Complex which is open to the general public one afternoon per week, and from which they sell some of the items made during the classes.  The standard of work is amazing.  They are such a talented group. 

This week I made a small wall plaque, which will look lovely on my terrace back home, to remind me of my time on the Bay Islands.

The other photos are of the seashore directly outside the Pottery Shed, where there are some very interesting old trees.