As you may have gathered by my lack of blog posts, we haven’t really been up to anything special over the past few days.  We have mainly just looked after the animals…and caught up with swimming, reading and …well, just chilling!  The weather has been a bit unsettled for the past few days, though once the rain clears up….the sun soon follows.

Anyway, yesterday we went to North Stradbroke Island with Peter and Jill, who are friends of Frances and Joe (who we are housesitting for…remember?)  LOL.  First of all, we had to catch the water bus back from Russell Island to the mainland, jump in the Jeep Cherokee parked in a secure bay in “Australia” and drive to Cleveland to catch the Big Red Cat over to “Straddie”….which we boarded with 30 seconds to spare before departure!!  We had a very smooth 40 minute passage over to North Stradbroke Island, giving us time for coffee and cake.