Our last two days on Russell Island were spent preparing for the next leg of our journey….and saying goodbye to our new friends….Jill, Peter and Allen in particular, as well as our creature friends, and in MY case….especially Lillian (who I discovered when Joe and Frances returned home, was called Heather!!). Anyway, once we were all packed up and Joe, Frances and Frances’ cousin, Marion had returned from their holidays, I was able to make them a nice meal to thank them for taking us out when we first arrived at Brisbane airport, four weeks ago.

Our flight from Brisbane to Proserpine, which is one of two airports serving the Whitsunday Islands was unremarkable except for one thing….we sat right behind someone famous on the plane! As soon as he came to his seat, I nudged Michael and said who it was. I managed to take a couple of secretive shots of him without too much hastle….can you guess who it was? We decided not to ask if we could had our photo taken with him as he must get fed up of that…and he was on his holidays too!! Have you guessed yet? LOL…it was the former world boxing champion from Manchester, Ricky Hatton. Funnily enough, the following day when we were in Airlie Beach and Michael was having his hair cut, there was an English lad in the barbers telling everyone that Ricky Hatton had been in the bars the night before, posing for photos with everyone!! Poor old Ricky….far from looking fit and punchy….he looked rather pasty and paunchy to me. He’ll have a lot of work to do if he is to make a comeback later this year.

We found a lovely apartment with views over Abel Point marina, and once we were settled in, had a walk down into Airlie Beach. Our son Daniel had visited here many moons ago when he was on his Gap Year….so I guess we were expecting it to be a bit of a haven for backpackers and, whilst that is true to a certain extent, we found it to be quite a pleasant, quiet, relatively up-market sort of place with a good mixture of visitors of all ages. There is a great swimming area just off the beach which they call the Lagoon, which is a very safe area to swim because the sea water is filtered to make sure there are no jellyfish, which can be a bit of a problem around here.

We took the Bi-Centenial Walkway to Abel Point marina…where once again Michael was on the lookout for seeds to take back home. We actually found some Royal Poinciana seeds (the big trees with the red flowers) so we will have to see if they take when we eventually get back home to Spain.