Once the BigRedCat had landed on North Stradbroke Island, we made our way to the top of the island for Point Lookout. Here is a magnicent stretch of beach known as 18 Mile Beach which is the main beach and a great place to surf. The striking thing about this part of the island is the size of the waves pounding into the shore. As this is the Pacific side of the island, the rollers are coming in after a journey of a few thousand miles…and there were plenty of surfers here to take full advantage of that.

Before we settled down, we walked around the boardwalk surrounding the North Gorge to take in the spectacular scenery and from where we could see lots of dolphins at play. They were the best surfers around….really catching the waves!

As we had taken a picnic with us, we found a suitable shady spot under a tree where we could still watch the playful dolphins and enjoyed a great chicken salad followed by yoghurt….oh and a bottle of wine, of course! Soon afterwards, it was time for US to play!! We walked down to the nearby Frenchman’s Bay and spent the next hour or so in the surf. The waves were enormously powerful so we had to be very careful of rip tides, but we made sure to keep well within our depth and found it to be absolutely exhilarating!! Talk about laugh……we had a GREAT time!

All too soon, it was time to make our way back to the catamaran for our journey back to the mainland and then the Bay Islands ferry back to Russell Island, but this was certainly a day to remember.