So began the final whistle-stop tour of the city, making sure we had visited everywhere on our list….  Melbourne Gaol where the infamous outlaw Ned Kelly was hanged for his exploits, St Paul’s Cathedral and Captain Cook’s parent’s house in the absolutely gorgeous Fitzroy Gardens.  After all that running around it was time to cool down at the Chill On Ice Lounge where you can enjoy a drink surrounded by more than 30 tonnes of carved ice.  Everything within the Ice Lounge is made of ice – from the bar to lean against, the couch to lounge on, even the glass you drink from!  Guests are provided with ski-jackets, gloves and woollen boots to keep warm during your 30 minute timed slot.  This experience turned out, in reality, not to be as exciting as we had hoped…in fact, it was rather an expensive disappointment…but HEY HO!