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We are starting our winter trip this year by having a few days in Abu Dhabi – the capital of the seven United Arab Emirates – on our way out to Australia.   It’s been about ten years since our last visit to this area, though last time we visited Dubai.   We really needed to hit the ground running as we only had two days in this oil-rich state.  The day before we set off I visited the Ethiad Airways website (who we were flying with) and noticed that for members of their frequent flyer plans the hotel that we were booking into had a free upgrade from a deluxe room (which we had booked) to a suite – for no extra charge – so quick as a flash I sent the hotel an email and asked if we could be upgraded – and sure enough, upon arrival we were shown to our room on an exclusive floor of the hotel consisting only of bedrooms with the added luxury of a separate living room area.  YAAY for us!

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has risen from nothing until, in 1958, oil was found and the powers-that-be thought it would be a good idea to invite the British in to explore the possibilities.  The area hasn’t looked back since.  Abu Dhabi is a very rich, newly built city for the most part and the scale of construction taking place is astonishing.  Everywhere you look the city is expanding.  Have a look at the following link for lots of information, photos and videos about Abu Dhabi  http://www.visitabudhabi.ae

As we are huge motorsport fans, our first stop was the Yas Marina Formula One circuit where the new World Champion Sebastian Vettel was crowned only two weekends ago.   We were soon at the Yas hotel which has views over the circuit as well as an amazing roof, which changes colour as soon as it goes dark. 

We spent the remainder of the day at the newly-opened theme park Ferrari World, home of the Formula Rossa – the fastest rollercoaster in the world.  Formed in the shape of an elongated Ferrari F1 car, the roller coaster travels from 0-240 kms per hour in four seconds, which is meant to simulate the acceleration of a real Ferrari F1 car.  It is truly breathtaking!  There is a viewing platform for anyone in the park to see the ride and everyone has the same reaction when they see it for the first time – WOW!   Sadly, Michael doesn’t share my passion for fast roller-coasters so he held onto our bags on the viewing platform whilst I queued up for the thrill.   I wasn’t disappointed!

Ferrari World is a large site filled with various fast rides, experiences, showrooms, and memorabilia and well worth a few hours of your time if you are in the area.