We enjoyed our train journey north through New South Wales as this is an area that we haven’t visited before.  It was nice to actually see the countryside passing by instead of flying over it.  There are a great many trees and lots of water to be seen, and I don’t just mean the sea, but rivers too. 

We were heading to northern New South Wales to an area known as the Northern Rivers, to start a seven week house-sit in a town called Grafton, about 620kms north of Sydney and 320 kms south of Brisbane. 

We first got to know the couple we will be house-sitting for, Graeme and Maria, back in August this year and have swapped many email messages in the meantime.  They were waiting to meet us at the railway station so it was straight back to their house for a wonderful lamb Rogan Josh curry and a glass of red wine!

Graeme and Maria showed us around the town the next day and introduced us to some of their friends, so we wont feel that we don’t know anyone.  There was also time for us to learn what needed to be done whilst they are away on their holidays including pool cleaning and trying to start the petrol lawnmower!

We drove them to Brisbane the next day to catch their flight which means that we have use of their car whilst they are away.  It’s a good arrangement for both parties as they don’t have to pay hefty car parking fees at the airport whilst they are away and we don’t need to hire a car to get around.