A visit to Ulmarra is like stepping back in time, as the village remains one of the finest examples of a 19th century river port in Australia.  The entire village is classified by the National Trust.  Little wonder that this community is keen to develop as a village of “living history” with craft-type businesses occupying the lovely old commercial centre.   A walk down memory lane may be the best way to describe a wander through Ulmarra.

We were invited to lunch by some friends of the people we are house-sitting for.  We duly arrived at Des and Kay’s delightful home situated right on the banks of the Clarence River, having first crossed the river via the free vehicular ferry.  It was a gorgeous day, so first of all we were treated to a tour of the house and gardens, with the water of Clarence river as a boundary.   As the wine flowed, and we enjoyed a delightful lunch along with some other friends, Roslyn and Bob, the conversation turned to travelling in many countries of the world.  It seems that between us all we have been almost everywhere!!  Before we knew it, it was almost 6pm and we had to leave in something of hurry to catch the last vehicle ferry back to Southgate, before the ferryman has his break!   It was an absolute pleasure to meet such like-minded people.  They even invited us to join them and their family on Christmas day, and both couples gave us Christmas presents! 

This is a very pleasant side of house-sitting that we had never considered.  Each of the couples who we have looked after their homes whilst they are away,  introduced us to some of their friends, who in turn we have socialized with during the time of our house-sitting visit.  We have ended up keeping in touch with these people, who we have met up with once again during subsequent visits.  In our experience we have run into mostly lovely people, everywhere we go.