The Nymboida River shelters one of the north coast of New South Wales’s largest platypus communities.  These delightful creatures can be viewed in the early mornings and late afternoon in these clean waters.

Set in 15 acres of river frontage, the lovely old timber Nymboida Coaching Station Inn was originally a staging post, built in 1904 principally for horse drawn coaches used in the mail run.  There has been licensed premises on this site since the mid 1800′s.  The Inn houses a range of very interesting sporting memorabilia and photographs, and is a great place to stop off for morning coffee, or a lunchtime meal.

The ‘Museum of Interesting Things’ houses many photographs and items from the early logging industry, showing how life was like on the Old Armidale Road in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  There are also a diverse variety of exhibits from coaches of yesteryear, motorcycles and race cars and even costume displays from two of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies, Gladiator and Master and Commander.  The centrepiece of this eclectic collection is a replica of the giant ‘Leviathan’ stagecoach.  This was the largest horse-drawn stagecoach ever built and ran between Ballarat and Geelong from 1859 to 1863, carrying up to 100 passengers and being drawn by as many as 22 horses.

Nearby, the Nymboida Power Station releases water from the Nymboida River into Goolang Creek, creating a white-water canoe and rafting course to challenge experts.  State, National and World title contests are held here.  For us though, it was a beautiful walk along the riverside, watching the experts drift by!

As we drove back from Nymboida, a kangaroo hopped across the road, about fifty metres in front of us.  We were just saying how lucky we had been to not have been close enough to knock him down, when all of a sudden, another smaller kangaroo appeared out of the bush to our left.  Fortunately, he saw our vehicle and paused before crossing the road, or we would have hit him for certain!   It was everyone’s lucky day!