Maclean is known as the Scottish town in Australia due to the town’s early settlement by the Scots, who had responded to offers of immigration to Australia  on free or assisted passages, back in the mid 1800s.

The Scottish clan tartans are proudly used throughout the town and Maclean High School students not only wear Maclean Hunting tartan in their school uniforms, but also have an adaptation of “Scotland the Brave” as their school song!

One of the real Scottish draw-cards for visitors are the power-poles that follow the main drive through the town, painted in hundreds of clan tartans, with each carrying the appropriate clan name to identify it’s tartan.  The bold colours and the intricate designs give the whole town a bright, attractive image.

Maclean is a charming little town,  situated at the confluence of the southern and northern arms of the Clarence River.  At only 6 metres above sea-level it has been ravaged by the river with some regularity so that it is now protected by a very substantial levee bank.

The town is the southern gateway to the Australian sugar industry, and the fields of swaying cane contribute to the restful atmosphere of the area.