Being petrolheads, we decided to see in the New Year with some extreme action down at Grafton Speedway track!

It’s taking too long to upload my own video here, but I found some footage from Grafton Speedway track on YouTube, so you can view that to get an idea what it was like watching the V8s!

We arrived track side in brilliant sunshine around 4.30pm, with the action starting at 5pm, and continuing under floodlights until around 11pm.  The grandstand soon filled up and with over 100 cars taking part in various classes, the action was non stop!   The noise of the V8 engines must have been heard all over town.  I’m glad I remembered my earplugs!

And, as a special bonus, we were treated during the interval, to a firework display to rival those in Sydney! 

We were sitting at the back of the grandstand, and it was soon apparent that people much nearer the front were getting splattered with the mud and clay from the track!  Every time the cars came around you could see a cloud of dust and dirt approaching our way!  I could feel dust and grit all over my face, arms and hair.  Our clothes were absolutely black by the end of the night…. and as soon as we got home we had to jump into the shower before going to bed, but what fun!

Next time we will be seeing live motorsport will probably be in Melbourne at the F1 Grand Prix at the end of March.