We couldn’t drive the two hours to Byron Bay on the Pacific Highway from Grafton, as the road has been closed to traffic since last week, due to flooding in some areas.   We had to use a longer route via Summerland Way, through Lismore and Ballina, and take our chances with all the huge trucks tail-gating us!  Phew it was quite scary at times! 

Located on the most easterly part of the Australian mainland, Byron Bay is famed the world around for it’s surfing beaches and surrounding lush and beautiful countryside.

Tourism is the main industry of the town and surrounding area.  Since the 1970s, Byron Bay has emerged from being a quiet surfer’s paradise to being the second most popular tourist destination in New South Wales.  As a result of it’s fame with local and international tourists (including recently, Oprah Winfrey),  it has developed into a chic and stylish seaside town, whilst retaining it’s relaxed, small village atmosphere and charm.

Whilst we were there, we took a hike around Cape Byron, where the lighthouse is the most powerful in Australia.  There are stunning views from the top of the Cape, across rain-forests and along the famous surfing beaches.