We left Grafton on Saturday morning, 22nd January to drive the three and a half hours to Brisbane to collect Graeme and Maria from the airport. Once we met up with them, and had breakfast together, they headed off back home to Grafton, most satisfied with the arrangements.


Although we were on a tight schedule, we had time to jump aboard a train into the centre of Brisbane city for a couple of hours. We saw no evidence during our journey of the terrible damage caused by the recent flooding, although it was clear in some areas close to the river that the water level had been much higher.


Our next destination was the ferry to Russell Island, to catch up with everyone we met when we house-sat there last year.


It was great to see Allen, Peter and Jill as well as Joe and Frances who we only saw briefly last time, as they were the ones heading off on holiday! We were looking forward to seeing all the creatures again and, when we arrived the dogs clearly remembered us as they went barmy, jumping up and down barking and coming for cuddles! The peacocks were out patrolling the grounds with their magnificent displays of plumage, and I was particularly delighted to see my favourite chicken in all the world – Lillian! Aawwwww she is such a beauty!


We ate loads of wonderful food and drank too much wine, but ll too soon it was time to leave our friends on the Island and make our way back to Brisbane airport for our flight to Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand.