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Our nearest neighbours at home in Spain are an English couple who visit Andalucía for a couple of months each year.  We have become very good friends with Ross and Daniella, and every time they come to Spain they ask us to go and stay with them at their home in Berkshire .  So now was the time!

Apart from enjoying great meals and sharing much laughter and many bottles of wine, we took advantage of the beautiful autumn sunshine to stroll along the riverside at Henley-on-Thames.  This is an area of Britain that Michael and I have never visited before, so we were lucky to have such knowledgeable guides. 

The town of Eton lies on the opposite bank of the River Thames to Windsor and is connected to it by Windsor Bridge.   The town is best known as the location of Eton College, which has been described as the most famous public school in the world.   Eton College has a long list of distinguished former pupils, including David Cameron, who is the nineteenth British Prime Minister to have attended the college.

We still had time to take afternoon tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle before heading home for the day, but we must have got our wires crossed as sadly, she was away on a trip to Australia when we arrived!