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I’ve always loved cooking and have never been on a professionally set-up cookery course, so this was something that I was really looking forward to doing in Chiang Mai.  There are many different cookery schools here, and we looked at a few before we decided on the Baan Thai Cookery School in the heart of the city.

We needed somewhere that could cater for beginners as well as more advanced cooks as Michael wanted to join in the fun, and Baan Thai proved to be the right choice.  Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 9 people (there were 8 in our group), so that there was plenty of time for the instructors to spend time with everyone.   We started off the day with a gentle stroll to the local market to buy some of the fresh produce we would use throughout the day. It was surprising to see the many vegetables, herbs and spices on the market stalls that I had no idea of.  Fortunately, our instructor was on hand to explain what they all were used for.

There was an extensive menu of dishes to choose as we cooked five courses throughout the day – and, of course, got to eat them as well.  

Everything including the vegetables and meat was already prepared for us by the backroom staff – so all we had to do was chop and cook with no washing up!

We had a great day!


The YouTube video below wasn’t filmed by me, but you get the idea of what our day was like.