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Last night, Sydney hosted the Australian premiere of Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of the stage sensation, Les Misérables, starring Anne Hathaway, and Australia’s own star-studded sons, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.

We had been wandering around the city centre when we saw the frenzied activity involved in “setting up the red carpet”, so we decided to hang around and join in with the fun.

The event was held at the city’s State theatre with the longest ever Australian red carpet running the length of the nearby Pitt Street mall.  There was much to do – testing out the cameras, laying cables, setting up lights, flags and banners, as well as vacuuming the red carpet just before the invited guests arrived in all their finery.

We watched the procession of guests and minor celebrities (none of whom we knew …. lol) posing and strutting their stuff before finally the announcer informed us that the “stars were on the red carpet”! 

We waited, and waited as they very slowly made their way past waiting fans, autograph hunters, photographers and TV interviewers, all the time thinking that if they didn’t hurry up we would have to leave to catch the last ferry home from Darling Harbour at 7.15pm.

80 metres, 60 metres, 30 metres, 15 metres …..come on, get a MOVE ON will you?!!

All of a sudden, one of the organizers must have realized they were falling behind their schedule – and Messrs Crowe and Jackman were hurried along past us, with barely time for us to get a photograph!  Typical!

I spotted Hugh Jackman, pointed my camera at him and shot a couple of photos.  I totally missed seeing Russell Crowe because he looked so un-movie-star-like (I thought he was one of the heavies) and only spotted him when I looked at the photos on my computer when I got home.  

Hey, all was not lost though – I got a great photo of the water bottle belonging to the kid standing next to me!  It’s not the end of the world!

The film goes on general release in Australia on Boxing Day, but you can watch a sneak peak below.