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It was a perfect day to take part of the Eastern Beaches Coastal walk from Bondi through to Coogee Beach.  We packed a picnic, jumped on the ferry into the City and caught the bus to the famous Bondi Beach, which has become a national icon for its surf, history and cosmopolitan culture.  It is thought that the word “Bondi” originates from local Aboriginal languages meaning “tumbling water” or “water breaking over rocks”.

There were plenty of other walkers and joggers all enjoying the exercise and the sunshine.  We stopped to watch the waves pounding over the rocks and wonder how the young guys nearby surfing weren’t flung onto the rocks as they rode the waves, when suddenly we spotted a fin in the water.  UH OH! 

Fortunately, it turned out to be a dolphin and, on closer inspection we noticed lots more further out to sea playing together in their pods in the sparkling blue ocean.  Lots of people stopped to take the time to watch them, and one guy who lived locally told us that he had never seen so many dolphins off-shore in the twenty years he had lived nearby.  We were indeed very fortunate.

On we walked past Tamarama and Bronte Beaches with their rock pools full of swimmers enjoying the day.  We stopped to eat our picnic, drinking in the world-class views in front of us.

Eventually we approached Waverley Cemetery, as the boardwalk ran along side, the inhabitants of which enjoy their last “forever” view of the ocean.  It was a poignant reminder that in the midst of such life and beauty – death awaits us all. 

The path took us past Clovelly Beach and finally onto Coogee – the end of our walk for today.