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I guess it would be fair to say that seeing the New Year in, whilst watching the fireworks over Sydney Harbour, has been high on my “Bucket List” for as long as I can remember. 

The nearest we came to achieving it was a couple of years ago, when we were a tantalizing 800 kms north of here, when we were house-sitting in the Northern Rivers.

We searched the internet for the best vantage points, and finally decided on the Blues Point Reserve at McMahon’s Point.  Fortunately for us, Jamie (the guy we are house-sitting for) works, and has an underground car parking space in North Sydney, which we were able to use.  Invaluable on New Year’s Eve with 1.5 million visitors around the Harbour!

We arrived at our chosen spot soon after 5pm (the gates had opened at 12 noon), and by 6.30pm, capacity had been reached and no-one else was allowed in.  Phew!

There was an air of excitement with people chatting as they waited for the show to begin.   There were tents, rugs, sequinned dresses, stalls selling food and drink – but sadly, not enough toilets, leading to huge queues taking hours to reach the front  – not good when you are bursting for a pee!  One thing there was none of, was alcohol, which was strictly not allowed – for the sake of public order, I guess.  This would be our first non-alcoholic New Year celebration as adults!

We were treated to displays in the air and on the water as the evening progressed, and the light faded on 2012.  At 9pm there was a huge firework display for the children who couldn’t wait up until midnight – a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect later.

From 11pm, every 15 minutes, a burst of fireworks would shower the night sky, making sure that everyone was still awake, so as not to miss the main event. 

In the dying seconds of 2012, a huge pair of red lips appeared on the Bridge to countdown to the New Year – and BOOM – OFF THEY WENT!

Explosions of fireworks burst all around us, lighting up the sky with glorious colour.  People cheered, kissed and whooped.   It was quite a show!