I told you in my previous post that we found a lovely beachfront house to stay at, in Tairua,  a beautiful surf town on the eastern Coromandel, which was perfect for me to photograph the sunrise from. 

Reghan and Emma, the young, well-travelled couple we stayed with, were keen to share their local knowledge with us and, before we left, wanted us to drive and hike to the summit of the nearby Mount Paku. 

Tairua harbour was once a broad river valley, cut out during the Ice Age when sea levels were much lower than today.  Eventually as the waters began to rise, a land bridge was established to what used to be the volcanic island of Paku.

 Voted one of the top short walks on the Coromandel, stunning 360 degree views await at the summit of Mt Paku – a relatively short but steep walk to a great lookout over Pauanui, Tairua harbour and the islands of Castle Rock, Mercury Islands, Aldermen Islands and Slipper and Shoe Islands. 

Spectacular views, huh?  What do you think?

If you look at the last photo, you can see the houses with their beach-front views of the ocean, where we stayed.

Next stop – The Bay of Islands 🙂