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It’s a magical time in Andalucía right now – especially because of the wildflowers!  The track leading down from the main road to our house is filled with colour and it’s a delight to be able to go out every day or two and gather handsfull of flowers to bring into the house.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Our apple and pear trees are bursting with pinky-white blossom, there are wild poppies, weird and mysterious tubular flowers and everywhere life is bursting forth as the gardens respond to the sunshine and warm days.

Over the past week, we’ve bought lots of plug plants to start a vegetable plot, so we’ve been busy planting squash, red and green peppers, lettuce, red onions, fennel, chard, pumpkins, and a variety of herbs.

Anyone who has visited us here will know that finding a flat area of land, other than on the car park, terraces or near the pool, is virtually impossible, but we’ve managed it – so we will have to see how the little plants get on in the stony soil and the heat of the Spanish sun.

For now – the little plants have settled in nicely, so we’ll have to see how they get on as the summer progresses