Over the past few days we’ve had Cathy staying with us. I met Cathy online through blogging and was delighted when she accepted my invitation to stay, so I could show her some of the lovely towns and villages, east of Malaga.

This post is re-blogged from Cathy’s own blog, in which she describes our precious time together.

in search of a thousand cafés

Friday, July 12 :  After my tour, I’ve been invited to spend two nights with Marianne, and her husband Michael, of East of Málaga …. and more! .  They live in the countryside ( el campo ), in a beautiful area  east of Málaga , known as  La  Axarquía .   This will be the first time I’ve met her, even though I’ve been reading her blog for some time.  Since she’s lived in Spain for about 8 years, her blog has great information about the area as well as beautiful photos.   She is so generous to offer me her hospitality for a couple of nights while I’m here in Spain.  I’m very excited to meet her because she obviously loves the country and the culture, and I’ve become quite fond of it myself.  Who is better than a local to give you the true feel for a place?

I get my…

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