Over the past few days we’ve had Cathy staying with us. I met Cathy online through blogging and was delighted when she accepted my invitation to stay, so I could show her some of the lovely towns and villages, east of Malaga.

This post is re-blogged from Cathy’s own blog, in which she describes our precious time together.

in search of a thousand cafés

Saturday, July 13 :  After leaving Frigiliana, we head to the town of Nerja , a tourist town with a large foreign population, including over 2,000 Brits. The white villages climbing the mountains around Nerja are relatively new and inhabited by hordes of foreigners. In the summer months, tourists swell the population even more.  The town sits on a steep hill and has several small beaches set in coves beneath cliffs.

Nerja and its surrounds used to produce sugar cane, but now there are widespread plantations of semi-tropical fruits such as mango, papaya and avocado.  The sugar cane factory is still on the eastern edge of town but is now empty, as the main industry is tourism.  (Wikipedia: Nerja)

Marianne wrote about the abandoned sugar cane factory in Sweet memories: San Joaquín sugar mill, but we don’t have time to see it today.  We do however make…

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