We had an early start today, as we made our way into the blue-and-white tiled São Bento station to catch the train for what must be one of the most scenic railway journeys in the world, right along the riverside – from Porto through Régua to Tua, in the heart of the Douro Valley. 

This beautiful countryside consists of steep, green terraced hillsides filled with lines of autumn-tinged vines.  We went for the train ride rather than the destination, which was as well since our final destination, Tua, proved to be a bit of a disappointment as there was not much there.  Whilst waiting for the return train to Régua we walked along the river’s edge past allotments filled with vegetables – and we were passed by two of the most enormously lengthy Viking river cruisers taking their passengers on their very expensive cruises along the River Douro.

We were lucky with the weather because as we were in the final hour before we arrived in Porto we were inundated with heavy rain.  Lovely scenic day out, though!