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We don’t need no education: Teaching English as a Volunteer

Read about my recent visit to Batambang in Cambodia,  when I was able to spend time with the children of Bospo village, and help them with their English classes.

A Photo Essay: The Ancient Temples of Angkor

Whilst it may be the iconic towers of Angkor Wat adorning the postcards and guidebooks, there’s a lot more to the Angkor Archaeological Park than one famous temple.

The Good, the Bad and the down-right Ugly

Ha Long Bay, in the north-east of Vietnam is the country’s most beautiful natural attraction – but is it all it´s cracked up to be?

View from an elephant – riding bare-back!

Join us as we spend a day with the elephants at the Baanchang Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

… And then, a man with a gun climbed on board!

Fancy a ride on the Bamboo Train in Cambodia?  We did too, until an unexpected guest jumped on board.


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